Why Resistance 3 may end up being a lost classic

There’s a good chance you haven’t bothered playing Resistance 3 yet. In truth, I wasn’t going to bother playing it at all. It was only once the game actually came out that I started to notice any buzz at all. Whether it was colleagues in the office or folk on my Twitter timeline, the message was the same: “Uh, isn’t this a bit bloody good?” And I could understand the surprise. Truth is, the first two Resistances were a bit bloody average. But the new game isn’t just a good. It’s brilliant.

by Tim Clark

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farhsa20082541d ago

It definitely isn't lost on me.

I bought the special edition on launch day and loving it, my favourite in the series so far! Looking forward to the next one.

TurismoGTR2541d ago

no.. it's not. It's dumb articles like these that gives a bad rep to R3.

fuzion17c2541d ago

I'm still planning to buy it new when it reaches the Greatest Hits price range. So far, I've limited buying one game each year as a Day 1/$60 purchase, starting last year with Red Dead and this year with Uncharted 3. Too many good games this gen. Painful to my wallet.

P_Bomb2540d ago

Title aside it's actually a really complimenting article. Guy calls it a masterpiece, goes into reasons why, and urges people to buy it.

BattleAxe2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Resistance 3 is a failure in my eyes. i pre-ordered the game from EB Games, loved the single player, but they completely nerfed the multiplayer. Killzone 3 was a big let down too.

Sony's true Classic Games:

- God of War Series
- Uncharted Series
- Gran Turismo Series

Great Sony IPs that aren't Classics:

- Infamous
- Heavenly Sword
- Little Big Planet

Sony IPs that should have been classics but failed miserably this generation:

- Killzone (Graphics have been great, but there's been alot wrong with each one)

- Resistance (If they can't get the formula right after 3 games, then there's no hope. Fans of the series know what I'm talking about)

- SOCOM (As a major Socom fan, this generation has been painful for me to more chance more chance)

Sony IPs that are ....meh:

- M.A.G. (Noobs to gaming really seemed to have a ball with this game for some reason...)

- MotorStorm (The first one showed alot of promise, but the series went downhill from there)

- Warhawk (This one comes down to personal preference, but I didn't like the mechanics of how the game felt, and it was online only so.....meh)

Sony IPs that look frickin awesome so far but aren't out yet:

- Payday: The Heist
- StarHawk

Sony IPs that I wish hadn't gotten canceled:

- The Agency

Omar912540d ago

Battleaxe: I conpletely agree with everything you said except for warhawk being meh. Like you said its based on personal taste but to me it was brilliant

cobblestone192539d ago

@BattleAxe: Killzone, Resistance, Socom, MAG, Motorstorm and Warhawk are all Great IP's.

Did you not play MS Apocalypse? It's a masterpiece! And to say such dumb things about both Resistance and Killzone is a crock of s***. Your comment is crap.

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badz1492541d ago

I love it so much! finished it on normal and now working on Superhuman!

I hope more people will bring themselves to play this! it truly is an amazing game!

Quagmire2541d ago

Its an FPS, whaddya expect. I personally prefer buying All 4 One.

byeGollum2541d ago

yeah, the FPS genre sucks because you don't like it. Everyone else better stop playing FPSs

Quagmire2541d ago

I'm sorry, where did I say everyone else has to stop playing it, lol?

Stop putting words in my mouth you tosser. If you like R3 thats fine, I'm saying its just another fps in comparison to Insomniac's own innovative and unique titles like Spyro and Ratchet.

byeGollum2541d ago

ehehe .. I was just bein' sarcastic for humor sake lol... cool story tho

Agent_hitman2541d ago

I don't understand why this game is not that blockbuster for gamers/ps3 gamers..

Though I guess, one thing is the reason, gamers are getting sick of games that has Post-apocalyptic stories with alien invasion. Well that is just my opinion.

I may be wrong. Oh btw I'm a ps3 gamer.

ReservoirDog3162541d ago

Yup, sadly...

I love Insomniac but they just can't catch a break. R&C ACiT is arguably the best in the series and R3 is easily the best in the series. And neither set the world on fire like they should've. Couple the with Ted Price being the classiest guy in the business and it's just an outright tragedy.

Put R3 on your Christmas list and put Overstrike on your radar. Insomniac deserves it.

theflyindutchman2541d ago

same thing with kz3, great game but it doesn't sell.
really weird tbh.
R3 is a really fun game in my opinion.

Gamer30002541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

KZ3 sales are over 2 million

and in the same link the sales of KZ2 total sales
are 2.86 million
kz3 doing a 2 million and it didn't even complete a year
that's amazing

Number_132541d ago

How do you say over 2 million and then proceed to give us a link that shows it isn't at 1.9 million yet, let alone over 2 million.
I'm not trying to be a jerk here, you just contradicting yourself a bit.

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