Top 5 Memorable Video Game Commercials

Sarcastic Gamer - "In light of the new “Long, Live, Play” commercial by Sony, the question of “what are the most memorable video game commercials?” begs to be asked. Well stop begging. It isn’t becoming of you."

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hazelamy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

how can they ignore this.

the playstation double life ad.

one of the greatest ads for gaming.
and what's more astounding, this is from sony europe.
it's almost like for that one small moment in time they weren't totally shit.

of course the scales had to be balanced, and so a few years later they proved they didn't have a clue by putting out this ad.
and you americans thought those early ps3 ads were bad.
you aint seen nothing yet.

i give you the third place by david lynch.

i do love that bang ad though, that was very cool.

Simco8762504d ago

Horrible list and Kevin Butler is still rolling strong with some good ads. LLP Ad was the best ever though....

Gambero2504d ago

You're joking right? The only thing they can do with KB now is BIGGER. They just keep getting more and more outlandish. He is WAY past his prime.

Perjoss2504d ago

this is also a banned one, but pretty cool:

quite like this also, mainly for the tune: