Finding A Balance: The Final Boss Battle

You've been playing the game for thirteen hours and the story has come to its climax, the only thing standing between you and the end credits is that last final confrontation; the final boss battle. As an always prominent and perennially featured aspect of gaming, the tense dual between player and final boss can be traced back to the arcade cabinets of yesteryear.

There is always a need to balance both story and gameplay; the difficulty of emerging victorious after a tirelessly fought battle, and the need for players to be able to progress through (and ultimately complete) a game. But this is indeed a delicate balance. Developers are faced with the task of challenging players, while at the same time providing them the tools necessary to succeed. The battle that stands between the player and the end of a game is likely to leave an indelible impression, and as such needs to be carefully crafted in a way that is fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding.

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