Rage Review (TechDigest)

Gerald Lynch writes: id Software make great shooters. We all know that. Christ, they practically invented the first person genre with Wolfenstein, and the gaming world has never looked back. With Rage, the godfathers of gun-touting gaming are taking a slightly different tact, putting a greater focus on story and exploration than any of their previous titles have attempted.

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Revvin2540d ago

"The fact that all this runs at a constant 60fps with only the most minimal pop-in is an amazing achievement"

Did they even play this game? performance was poor until the special ATi Rage drivers were released and the textures still horribly pop up. I was really looking forward to giving this game some serious hours over the weekend and next week as I have a week off work but after tonight's showing even after installing the new drivers from ATi I'm shelving it until a patch comes along.