Dark Souls [Review -]

"Prepare to die."

Never has a game had a more fitting tagline.

You will die in Dark Souls. A lot. Whether it's from the flames of a fire-spewing dragon, the sword of a towering dark knight, or the boulder of a giant troll, this is a fantasy world pulling no punches.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2506d ago

I'm really hoping Armored Core V will be setting the bar as well when it's released next year.

TopDudeMan2506d ago

Amazon have not sent me my copy yet. I remember when they were good with pre-orders...

Blaine2506d ago

Man, can't trust anyone with shipping pre-orders. Only way to be sure you'll get it day 1 is if you pre-order from a store where you can pick it up yourself. And then there's no point, since it means 2 trips to the store instead of 1. That's why I don't pre-order anymore. Best Buy sent my copy of Arkham Asylum a whole month late back then, and by the time I received it the Uni semester was well underway. Not cool, BB, not cool.

TopDudeMan2506d ago

I feel sorry for you for having that experience. I bet you were excited for it, too.

Blaine2506d ago

Hell yeah I was! But it's all in the past now--I just don't pre-order anymore. Lesson learned!