Rage [Review -]

Gaming has never shied away from bleak visions of the future. But recently gamers have been totally spoilt for choice when it comes to post apocalyptica, with titles such as Borderlands and the Fallout series earning rave reviews.

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sickbird2480d ago

according to this guy RAGE is perfect, no flaws. I happen to disagree.

SP3333D-O2480d ago

I've been lucky not to have had the problems many have had and am really enjoying it on the PC, both with a controller and kb/mouse. It's actually been more fun than the BF3 beta, which I was mega-hyped for. It really is gorgeous, and the guns are a literal blast! Glad to see a positive review.

Sub4Dis2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

this site has no credibility. rage is a fun game, but you can't turn it on without noticing some of the flaws.

and the racing...what a joke. your guns aim for you, the controls are basic to the point of pointlessness, there is major rubber banding. you essentially win every race by staying in last place til the last 20-30 seconds, then just shoot everyone and hit your shield.

combat is good, graphics are okay, texture pop-in is a mess, and there is virtually no ai.

fun to play, but certainly not great.