Final Fantasy XIV Being Remade From Scratch

Yoichi Wada announces that Final Fantasy XIV has damaged the Final Fantasy series and announces their plans to re-make the game from scratch.

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Misterhbk2544d ago

Just scrap the game and make a full new final fantasy game in the main series but go back to final fantasy roots. What's the point in spending more money on this? Let the PC users keep playing if they choose to and just move on.

princejb1342544d ago

exactly they should drop this game altogether not alot of people want a mmorpg ff anyway
make me a new ff similar to ff7 and were all set

Kamikaze1352544d ago

You're missing the point here. If they were to create a game from scrap it would be more expensive than to fix the things wrong with this game and it would also take much longer.

Misterhbk2544d ago

If they're remaking this game from scratch that means its going to cost a ton of money. Perhaps not as much as a new game entirely but its still going to be very expensive. Might as well put those resources into something else entirely.

I originally thought they were just going to go in and fix the things that were wrong, not completely go back to square one (no pun intended) and start over. Now that is a waste of time.

Reibooi2544d ago

The thing is they ARE NOT remaking FFXIV from scratch. They are making incredibly drastic changes. Core systems that were touted as the main focus of the game when it first came out have been removed or changed to a very large degree. When looking at it from that perspective it's as if they are re making it however they really are only changing the core systems which is far cheaper and easier then remaking every single little thing from the ground up.

The title this article uses is EXTREMELY misleading. It may be true that Wada said they are remaking the game but it was taken out of context and what he meant was they are redoing and building entirely new and different core systems within the game. Not rebuilding it from the ground up.

Spenok2544d ago

Reibooi knows what he's talking about. It's tweeks, and changes to the core operating system of the game that makes this a "remaking from scratch"

As well as the title of the article bring ridiculously misleading.

Keith Olbermann2544d ago

"Yoichi Wada announces that Final Fantasy XIV has damaged the Final Fantasy series"
So has most of SE undertakings this gen...what are you going to do about all those other stinkers?

kreate2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

i think ff13 damaged the final fantasy brand more than ff14. i only know few ppl who actually played ff14. most of them just read about ff14. and dont care for it. its not like they cared about ff14 to begin with.

but the letdown was ff13 which many gamers did played and most of them was disappointed. these gamers probably dont care about ff13-2 or 14. rather ffv13.

the whole idea behind ff14 was to compete against WoW .... or so wada said.

raWfodog2544d ago

I think they should just focus the majority of their development staff on making sure Versus XIII is as great a game as possible, regardless of whether or not they plan to keep it exclusive to PS3 or multi-platform.

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Fishy Fingers2544d ago

Quit while your ahead... or behind. Whatever, just quit.

MMOGames2544d ago

The problem is, we know Square Enix can make good games; they have just strayed from the path.

pctrollv42544d ago

ya cause ff console series are so much better, please...i rather play ff xiv anytime rather than playing some shit like ff13 again. XIV is great but only for the hardcore non noob players, cause it doesnt hold your hand at all.. Gamers these days, bunch of babies

SuperStrokey11232544d ago

So they have time to make, and then remake an entire MMO (something very few wanted) but dont have time to remake games that people are desperately wanting? Good choices!

raWfodog2544d ago

I agree but its all about revenue to them. With a good MMO they can charge monthly fees that people will keep paying to play.

negroguy2544d ago

Good because the mess they have out now is horrible. They've made some changes but they've got a long way to go. Only reason I still play is because its F2P.

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