5 reasons why Portal 2’s Peer Review could be the best DLC ever

PS3 Attitude: "Portal 2 was finally released six months ago, and quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed games of this generation. However, if you’re still yet to play it then there has never been a better time, because earlier this week saw the release of Peer Review, the game’s first proper add-on. If you ask us it could well be a contender for the best piece of downloadable content ever; here are 5 reasons why…"

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Bleach2507d ago

The last 3 are questionable but it is great DLC, the fact that it's free is icing on the cake.

Myst2507d ago

Every time I hear Portal I can only think of the ending song...

bebojet2507d ago

It's a cool and unique song. I actually youtube it once to hear it again.

gypsygib2507d ago

I bought Portal 2 and feel it's one of the most overrated games this year.

...and it was way easier than Portal 1 for some reason, maybe because I was used to Portal though.