ThriftyNerd: Tropico 4 Review - Hail to the Chief

The old adage holds true. Power corrupts, and absolute power is actually pretty neat.

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thriftynerd2542d ago

I like the pro-tip of turning off the in-game music and making a salsa playlist on spotify.

Also, I wonder how the Xbox 360 version will stack up?

PooEgg2542d ago

I also wonder about the 360 version of Tropico 4. I enjoyed Tropico 3, but I was very disappointed that the 360 version was so buggy. I put it on the shelve to wait for a patch, however we never got even a single patch for it. Hopefully they will do better this time, but I won't buy until I confirm this. Shipping buggy games is bad, but not patching buggy games is unacceptable to me.