Max Payne 3's gameplay made easy

IncGamers: A detailed breakdown of the primary game mechanics… the one’s we know about, at least.

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Bobbytheblobby2480d ago

this game actually sounds quite pimp. i'm fed up with 'adventure' games, i just want a third-person 'kill sh**' game set in the real world.

Tanir2480d ago

u mean like every other game in this gen? tps.....fps.....rpg shooter.....adventure shooter...shoot shoot shoot

Bobbytheblobby2480d ago

other games this gen are all about adventuring. fallout, god of war, uncharted, elder scrolls, dead island, rage, dark souls, arkham asylum, assassin's creed, splinter cell bioshock etc etc etc etc.

they are feature 'find this, do this, protect this'. i'm bored of that. i just want something where i'm shooting stuff and looking reallt cool doing it that's not a fps and that's not all about multiplayer.

LightofDarkness2480d ago

Guys, just about every market this generation has been over-saturated, with the exception being RTS games and flight simulators. There have been an abundance or FPS, TPS, racing, platforming, RPG, action, hack 'n slash, old-school indie, puzzle, beat 'em up (saw a massive resurgence in the last 2 years), sports simulation, arcade sports....

FPS games are the most popular, yes, but every other market has been similarly milked dry.

Tanir2480d ago

Light of darkness

jrpgs are very scarce this gen aswell. and bobby, i know what u mean, tho 5 of the games you listed all have guns and shooting crap.

i mean its obviously going to be shooting, punching or slashing for any type of game but shooting is what most games have been doing.

if u like random kill thing games, go play dynasty warriors, or grand theft auto i guess


" i just want a third-person 'kill sh**' game set in the real world."...U will c about 10 of those games if u walk into ur local game shop.

ElVeneno2480d ago

Ummm Stranglehold....Wet...kane and lynch 1 and 2...all kinda have just "shooting shit" with slow mo bullet time.

EditorAtGNG2480d ago

Lot of people forget what was the driving force behind Max Payne's gameplay - the narration and gradual unavailing of the storyline (along with the immersive character growth process). Sure, the shooting mechanics and the bullet-time were great, but nowdays, every game has em and they've been improved and re-done time and time again.

If Rockstar is planning on Max Payne 3's success they should deliver on all fronts, not just the TPS action...

LightofDarkness2480d ago

Like they said, Max's tortured introspective monologues and existential quandaries have been abandoned in favour of a more "action man" tone. Thanks R*.

jut4202480d ago

totally agree Dragonshardz.

@LightofDarkness...did R* really say that they were going to abandon those elements? I didn't see that quote in the article and haven't heard them say that yet...If so, that's very disappointing. One of, if not the best parts of Max Payne games.

sonicsidewinder2480d ago

Sounds good to me, bar the obligatory inclusion of a cover system. But i guess that comes as standard nowadays.