Review Forza Motorsport 4 |

The simulation of racing cars developed by Turn 10 comes in its fourth incarnation!
Xbox 360 version tested.
The debut of the third chapter was a turning point in the genre of auto racing simulation. Turn 10 has attracted the attention of critics and audiences turning out a product worthy of note for Microsoft's console finally able to compete with the competition of the time series Gran Turismo. At a distance of only 2 years, here is finally getting the new and awaited fourth chapter 4 Forza Motorsport, Xbox 360 exclusive forever.
Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director of the Force series, we had the honor of meeting in person, has announced that this is the vision of the development team, the title that brings lovers of cars to approach a game and vice-versa, the driving experience complete license plate Turn 10.
As the product has been improved compared to the past? And above all, will recover the scepter of "Real Driving Simulator"?

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