Achievements can be earned in UFC on Xbox Live

GamesRadar reports: "Being able to make these picks creates a level of gamification not found on any other Xbox Live entertainment services, which let the creators add another welcome feature: Achievements. "

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dragunrising2538d ago

"Achievement unlocked! You just spent $54.95 to watch UFC in HD!"

All joking aside it sounds like a good idea to me. The pay-per-view price isn't so bad if you split the cost with friends. The only problem I can see is fighting over who gets to use their account and get the achievements :-D

gamingdroid2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Yeah, having a bunch of people over for a UFC night sounds like a lot of fun. Split the cost and it will probably be cheaper than going to the movies and a lot more comfortable.

That said, I just hope they aren't watering down the achievements with pointless stupid ones.

dragunrising2538d ago

The achievements could be a lot of fun. Betting on aspects of each fight fight could work if the experience is dynamic and immersive. The only thing concerning is that you could possibly end up with many achievements of which you only have one chance or shot to earn. That would cheapen the experience possibly. Hopefully whatever implemented works.