Jump reveals Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow artwork

Gematsu: The latest issue of Jump includes an update on Final Fantasy XIII-2. The preview comes with a look at Snow's character render/artwork, which sees him sporting a black jacket, red v-neck, and gnarlier hair.

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rebirthofcaos2263d ago

lol,looks alike an old man, also if he is having a relation with Sera, seems kind of pedobear XD

torchic2263d ago

at least he lost the pedo overcoat.

Darrius Cole2263d ago

He still has the overcoat, it's just a different color.

Snow & Serah don't seem pedo to me at all. Serah is a grown woman. Have you seen that skirt? Man is it short. Serah is either grown or a pro.

JewelTheif2263d ago

I think he looks better now.

Bleach2263d ago

I think he looks worse now.

Acquiescence2263d ago

I hope Lightning punches him a few more times in this installment.

Lord_Sloth2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I don't like his new design. Snow was my favorite character in FFXIII.

Now he just looks...incomplete.

zerocrossing2262d ago

I know what you mean Snow was cool before, but now... not so much :/

Maybe that's why Serah ditches him lol.

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