Head2Head: RAGE Analysis

Lens of Truth writes: The verdict of this Head2Head ends with the 360 sneaking by. You won’t be disappointed with either version, but when if comes to our scoring system the PS3 fell just a little short.

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Tempjf2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

They look pretty close and they both have texture streaming issues so pick your dirty poison. Cool game btw but Xbox wins..

Joe Bomb2479d ago

Very close. Texture streaming seems to be a major issue on the PS3.

Christopher2474d ago

It's not major, but it is a minor issue. I'm amazed at id's ability to get such a massive draw distance in the game, including seeing the distance to which they have moving and AI controlled elements active. I think if they had held back a little on textures, or used a better compression, the game would be considered a graphical marvel for this gen of consoles.

the_fox002479d ago

Get this for the PC, it's getting a patch + id are PC devs first and it cleary shows.

RudeSole Devil2478d ago

LookS about the same to me. But Ps3 has the performance advantage. Ps3 lately has been kicking but.

Soul Train2478d ago Show