SPOnG Preview: Uncharted 3

SPOnG: "Four minutes ago I was playing Uncharted 3. Now, I'm pretty worried. I mean, HOW THE HELL'S HE GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS ONE?"

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disturbing_flame2543d ago

Great read but there's something i want to say.
In the conclusion Spong writes :

"The overriding impression I was left with of Uncharted 3 was of how good a job Naughty Dog has done of creating an experience that's both cinematic and immersive. Yes, those are two douche-y buzzwords in one single sentence from someone who should know better, but they're appropriate here."

Man what had become the world if saying "cinematic" and "immersive" is douchy related ? I mean, wow... Kind of sad.

Oh the words "badass" and "epic" are the trend, i forgot...

No saying "cinematic" and "immersive" is not douchy. Nore using 50 words to describes a game or have feelings in some situations when you play a game.