Battlefield 3 Near-FINAL BUILD Impressions

EA & DICE pulled out all the stops, hosting the Final Hours event in San Francisco, CA at the posh Terra Event Center to show press never-before-seen footage of all 9 multiplayer maps to be shipped with Battlefield 3, as well as new co-op missions and new singleplayer missions.

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detroitmademe2508d ago

Good read.I gotta go get this thing preordered for Back to Karkand dlc.

andremasonbaba2508d ago

COD will always be the KING...BF3 is just another jealous cousin

Hater hit the disagree button bitchz

SonyNGP2507d ago

I'm not gonna press the disagree button.

arjman2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I think he's...

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BiggCMan2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Look at this dumb ass. Another person who thinks Call of Duty started this shooter craze. It wasn't either of these series that made shooters what they are today, but Battlefield certainly skyrocketed their popularity in online multiplayer much more, and much earlier than Call of Duty did.

OwNizzleD2507d ago

Well I'm gonna... Wanna 1v1 me? XD

emartini2507d ago

IM HAPPY to hear this . NOW ALL those Bf3 haters can stop trolling saying the game stinks based off a beta. BETTER yet they should go play their beautifully rendered at 600P RESOLUTION MW3 or should i say modern warfare 2 THE EXPANSION PACK #7

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Convas2508d ago

Wow. this is marvelous news! I knew DICE would pull through for us. I plan on supporting them on launch day, I dunno about you guys, but I had a lot of fun with the flawed beta.

That they've managed such a step up in a matter of time, no wonder the CM got pissed of on the forums the other day. These guys are hauling ass to get ish done.

Prop to DICE, can't wait for my copy! 18 Days to go!

Huarle2508d ago

Erm, article says
"this most recent build that I experienced is STILL not the final build."

so whats up with the headline?

Septic2508d ago

*shifty eyes*

I don't know what you're talking about

AKS2507d ago

"First thing I noticed on the consoles were the graphics. They looked much better than the beta. Textures were smoother, character movements were much more fluid, and environments seemed to have more warmth to them. Also, the lighting was more dynamic, atmospherics more gritty and present, things just seem to run smoother on this build. All the frame rate issues, glitches, pops and sound drops of the beta were nowhere to be found. Bach reiterated that the beta was already a month and a half old before it was launched because of the time it takes to certify for release. It’s amazing how much polish they were able to put on the game since the beta."

I have said this would be the case over and over, but some just wouldn't listen. Most of the polish is given towards the end of the development cycle. The beta build people are playing isn't the same build DICE was working on at the end of development. It's not like they are uploading the near-final game code each day into the beta as they worked on it. They're more likely to use the beta to work out network issues, make adjustments to balance from reactions (which they'll do to a certain extent even after it has been released), and gain some exposure.

iceman062507d ago

You have to know that they had to compress the hell out of the data just to get this experience into a beta that would have reasonable download times. Plus, DICE has been great with working tweaking their games after release. I had and have complete faith that this game will be great no matter the platform.

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