Hitman Absolution to include a Hardcore Mode

Consider yourself an old hand at the art of assassination? Ever bragged about you skills in earlier Hitman titles? Well IO Interactive are challenging you; Hitman Absolution will feature a “hardcore mode” to test the veterans and sift out the noobies. Hit the link to find out more

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Energiser2545d ago

I love a good challenge - count me in.

Rod2545d ago

Same. In an age where people complain games are getting easier, there are always developers out there ready to give us a challenge.

Rod2545d ago

Love the Hitman series, no doubt I'll love this.

hudsoniscool2545d ago

i hope they do a spies vs mercs gametype since ubisoft basically rufuses to.

Brownghost2541d ago

hooray the game-play looked way too easy