Finally Played The BF3 Beta and Forza 4 Demo – Only One Is Good

Nick de Bruyne from writes:

I finally, finally, finally got the chance last night to sit down and try both the Forza 4 demo and the Battlefield 3 beta. One got me really excited and the other one really didn’t.

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Ognipode2541d ago

I wonder what DICE are thinking about all of the reactions to the BF3 Beta, they should have really looked at doing a Single Player demo as well.

iamnsuperman2541d ago

Well there response was to say it was a 1.5 month old build. I am not sure why they released a 1.5month old build but the 1.5month still doesn't give me much confidence as that isn't a long time especially for a "beta". I think the shot themselves in the foot with promising a public beta for MoH buyers. It clearly wasn't ready but they couldn't just not release the beta. Now we have this situation where a lot of players who are new to the BF series see this buggy beta and do not know it is an older build because of not going on sites like this.

StanLee2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

We can go back to the build being months old but the biggest problem with the console beta of Battlefield 3 is that, it didn't play like a sequel to Battlefield 2. It played like Battlefield Bad Company 2.5. That's the main complaint of this article and that's the biggest complaint I've heard. The media, DICE and EA hyped the crap out of the game before anyone got the chance to play the console versions and the truth is, you don't get the same experience on consoles you will on PC. Yeah, it's the limitations of the consoles and its environment but that distinction should have been made clear from the beginning.

dangert122541d ago

Why are people compairing a beta to a demo
It's like compairing a full game to alpha

DA_SHREDDER2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I got a better question. Why rush this game out if it's obviously not ready? Uncharted has already went gold, I haven't heard a thing about this game going gold and it comes out in less than 3 weeks. There shouldn't be a deadline on a game that is supposed to be this big in scope and on multiple platforms. I guess they don't call it rush mode for nothing.

btw, can't wait for forza 4, especially when it gets a huge price cut. I'll be here waiting till then.


Because as many have pointed out, in most cases there is not much difference between beta's and final build.

Most people will judge this based on what they have seen.

if they had said the beta build was 4 months old or something like that I think people would still have more confidence. but it's 1.5 months old, it really does not make many of us feel that much better about it.

look at how gears3's beta was and that was 4 months before it's release. They had time to make changes to maps etc.. from a graphics point of view it looked great and their were not a lot of bugs to speak of.

BF3 on the other...

montyburns0002541d ago

because it's a shitty build that never should have released to the public. it has soured many potential buyers.

i wouldn't be surprised if they lose sales from this

SixShotCop2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I'm not sure why devs release unfinshed games. First PD with GT5 and their non stop patches and now BF3 with there crappy beta that doesn't even look better then MW2.

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otherZinc2541d ago

100% agree!

I wont think about buying BF3 without playing the Single Player 1st!

I dont care about mp anymore, just sp & co-op.

Also, BF3 doesnt have true campaign co-op, its that side mission crap!

ATi_Elite2541d ago

Dice really doesn't care because most PC Gamers are enjoying the hell out of the Beta! The feedback from the core has been good and PC Gamers know the difference between a Beta and a finished product. Oct 25th will change all the negative talk.

as soon as the editor mentioned getting killed over and over again I knew he was gonna bash BF3 cause he is a casual gamer who is use to the ease of COD. "Pick a different spawn spot u moron".

Looking forward to Forza 4 as well cause it seems the Devs have really made something special with all the effort they put into it!

leogets2541d ago

im pritty sure DICE dont even give n4g the time of day for peoples comments as its filled with alot of kids and people that have nothing constructive to say.they go to proper set up bf forums where the fans of the franchise for many years know whats worked in the past.

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TheClown2541d ago ShowReplies(1)
AzaziL2541d ago

Maybe DICE should release a demo that has all the bugs patched and have the map be Caspian Border instead of Metro so they can help change all the negative opinions from the beta. Battlefield 2 had the demo for Gulf of Oman that lasted through the release date, and a fixed BF3 demo can only help sales at this point.

BTW, saw a post on the battlelog forums, PC Players will be able to play Caspian Border today on open servers. Now let's see what the reactions from that will be.

lodossrage2541d ago

Even if they did as you said and released a new demo TOTALLY bug free, it wouldn't do much.

You know how people are, once they have an "idea" in their head. It sticks. That's what the problem is with people listening to "journalism".

I myself haven't played the bf3 demo since I don't bother with games like that or cod personally.

But I do know that a good many people won't even touch a product just based off what they read on another person's opinion alone. And instead of having a mind of their own, they'll just go sheep and follow the herd of other opinions.


I think it would help a lot. People were willing to give it a try because they want something from it.

I would be more then happy to try it again, and if I did and was pleased with it. Word of mouth would soon get all my friends interested again.

lodossrage2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Dark Witness, that only works with people that actually think for themselves. Most people DON'T do that.

Why do you think you see so many always saying "ill wait for review scores" or "well Metacritic says this and that".

But even depending on word of mouth is sort of pointless. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Just because a friend of mine likes a certain game doesn't guarantee I will.

_LarZen_2541d ago

I got two words... Caspian Border.

ATi_Elite2541d ago

Caspian Border 128 player maps FTW!!!

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