SIXAXIS Gaming: Things I Have Learnt From The Battlefield 3 Beta

On September 29, DICE launched the Battlefield 3 Open Beta on all consoles. Comprised of only one map/mode combination, the PS3 beta provided us with an opportunity to take one of this year’s most hotly anticipated titles for a spin.

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Sickr2473d ago

Things I learned? I need to practise more.

PidgeottosCrew2473d ago

"hiding at the spawn in some azalea bushes."

Quality gameplay right there.

Klaykid1232473d ago

Talking about snipers camping instead of playing objectively, don't twist words.

SquirrelT2473d ago

Definitely need a change from COD. This might FINALLY be it after so many others have come and gone.

rbluetank2472d ago

i learned from the beta is taking naps next to the objective with a sniper rifle is a good thing... i hope they add a pillow kit to the sniper rifle. all people do is lay on the ground....and shoot!

C_Menz2472d ago

Snipers may be a bit annoying on Caspian Border so far(PC) since they hide out on a lot of the rocky ridges. But after getting that initial "oh god I just got sniped" it is pretty easy to locate where they are and flank them, and spotting them instantly tells your tanks, apc's, and jets to lay some fire down there.

I don't understand the complaint against snipers in BF3 since every time you(or at least I do) are aiming at someone you should spot them for your team in case you die.

The one thing I have learn"ed" from the beta is that I will not be flying jets anytime soon on the PC. I may be able to steer a bit, but there is no way I can dodge enemy air and ground AA for longer than 30 seconds.