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IncGamers: If you're wondering why this review of A Game of Thrones: Genesis (let's call it GoT:G) is popping up quite late, it's because review code was only available from the day of release. Anyone familiar with the film industry will know that a lack of early press screenings is a big ol' warning klaxon, and the impression left by GoT:G's ominously quiet release was no different.

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Bobbytheblobby2480d ago

i doubt ill like the game, i hate the tv show.

darren_poolies2480d ago

Really? How can you hate the tv show its awesome :P

Bobbytheblobby2480d ago

i can see why people like it. most of my friends like it. i'm just a bit bored of the whole lord of the rings thing i guess

Baka-akaB2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

It's ok to dislike it , but hate seems rather strong ..

And doesnt even have one hint of Lord of the Rings vibe to it . So i wonder how much you actually saw or read about it .

LOTR is pretty much an heroic fantasy fairy tales , where good ultimately always triumph .
A song of fire and Ice (GOT) is just pure dark fantasy without necessarily any brighter future endgame in sight , nor moral allegories and quandaries .

sonicsidewinder2479d ago

Sounds like a paradox style, grand strategy game.


Hmmm, looks like this game will not be taking the throne...I do need to check out the show though.