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IncGamers: ...the fact that Crysis was more than a staggeringly beautiful tech demo - or, indeed, computer benchmarking tool - was often overlooked.

No more. The unbelievable has happened: Crysis is now on consoles, and if you listen carefully, you may detect the faint sound of oinking in the skies above.

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Orpheus2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Now with UC3 , Crysis , BF3 the consoles are truly being (nearly) Maxed Out .... all the previous claims of maxing out were bullshit.

I guess the limit of XBOX will be reached when crytek releases Ryse or 4A releases Metro LL . But I'll be wrong if they dont use the tessellator in the xbox

And i guess PS3 will be maxed when Doom 4 is released or Naughty Dog releases sth else....

Tachyon_Nova2509d ago

I doubt Doom 4 is going to come to current gen consoles, its just too late in a generation for a relaunch of such a big brand.

PS3 is more or less maxed out already, there will be minor improvements such as from UC2 to UC3, but nothing major. I think in all probabilty if Santa Monica Studio make God of War 4 (which has a sexy ring to it just btw) for PS3 then that will probably be the PS3's peak, just like GOW2 was PS2's peak in terms of graphics. Hard to say though without knowing who is working on what and when PS4 releases.

Orpheus2509d ago

I also hope that Doom 4 does not release on the current consoles :D