2 New BF3 Multiplayer Maps: Operation Firestorm and Grand Bazaar

IGN released footage of two new Battlefield 3 Multiplayer maps. One is a large open desert and the other a tight close infantry map.

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Stadler2474d ago

These maps look absolutely mind blowing!

deadpoole2474d ago

The firestorm one ... looks effin amazing ... money well spent towards pre-order.

It also shows that it doesn't have any nasty bugs that beta is having.

chriski3332474d ago

See now that's the battlefield maps we love. Can't wait gonna be amazing game

-Alpha2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

This is some nice, well needed damage control after they lost a ton of preorders and gave us that awful Operation Metro Rush map.

Great stuff though, this is what Battlefield is about, they look gorgeous. I don't mind infantry focused maps, but man, Operation Metro was just bad IMO.

Captain Qwark 92474d ago

these maps look stunning!

but i find it amazing how much people's opinions can differ. i love operation metro i think its a superb infantry only map. my fav part is the top of the subway, ticket booth area.

-Alpha2474d ago

I don't know, I found the map to be a very poor representation of Battlefield. Even the worst infantry based maps in Bad Company 2's Rush mode were open enough to feel as if you had a sense of freedom, Metro was very funnelled, predictable, and there are some huge issues with camping, especially spawn camping at the last set of MCOM stations.

Like you said, it's an opinion, but it didn't leave a good impression on a lot of people and seeing these maps is a bit of a reassurance

OcelotRigz2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Yeah, i dont mind Metro either, although i am sick of playing it at this stage.
I dont like the start though if you're an attacker, the approach is too narrow and its pretty easy for the defenders, or at least should be.
I like the tunnel but the last part, out on the street, definitely my favorite.

@-Alpha. Agree about it being a very poor representation of what Battlefield is all about.

GiggMan2474d ago

This is what Dice should have showed off in the Beta...

Chuk52474d ago

hey had to give us they awful beta, due to certification process by sony and ms that took too long.

Dart892474d ago

Omg jizz jizz all over my screen:P.

venom062474d ago

AMAZING MAPS!!! even the Rush version of these will be awesome!! CoD is about to get smashed in the mouth...

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The story is too old to be commented.