Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 has hi-res texture pack on second disc

The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 will let users stream higher resolution textures by installing content found on the game's second disc, DICE has revealed.

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The Meerkat2234d ago ShowReplies(1)
stu8882234d ago

playing gears 3...

for a dying beast its doing very well.

SignifiedSix2233d ago

Dying? is that why its still ahead of PS3?

Biggest2233d ago

"Dying? is that why its still ahead of PS3?"

You mean losing ground to the PS3. It was way ahead, and then it started dying. The PS3 has casually started passing.

AO1JMM2233d ago

losing ground after 6+ years to PS3. Took Sony long enough. LOL

morganfell2233d ago

"Took Sony long enough."

The 360 had a 1 year head start in the US and Japan and an 18 month head start in the EU. I am trying to fathom the meaning of your comment. Not 1 year. Not 1 year in 6 could the 360 manage to outsell the PS3 world wide. So you see, the only reason the 360 had a lead was because of the head start. And the lead was only in initial sales, not in growth rate. Ask any successful company which they prefer. If anyone is due an adolescent LoL it is the objective persons looking at the sales.

Year in and year out the 360 has been losing the race to the PS3. It makes your "took long enough" comment laughable and makes you seem less than perceptive as regards the reality of sales. LoL is what you do when a company blows both a 1 year and an 18 month lead. That is worthy of a LoL.

Blogz4Fanboyz2233d ago


it is only fanboys like yourself that bringup the year headstart. that was the plan.

what about the fact that the platform holder that went from selling 20+mil a year last gen, to 13mil a year this gen. unbelievable ey??

what about the fact that the platform holder that went from selling 6mil a year last gen, to 12mil a year this gen. unbelievable ey??

i know it hurts morganfail, but suck it up! your gods start has fallen, and next gen i think it going to be even rougher

kikizoo2233d ago

"Dying? is that why its still ahead of PS3?"

Ahead of what ?

ps3 sold better each years worldwide, ps3 has way more exclusives (and better quality and quantity), free services, better m otion controler, 3D, + better ?

SignifiedSix2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Yeah it'll be losing its ground when people start getting rid of their cable providers and start going over to xbox LIVE TV. I didn't think such news of that would have been on the news, but it was. I can see a huge sale spike for MS this holiday season.

Edit: @Kikizoo
That's the same ole excuse all you sony fanboys use. I could care less about your hackable free services and gay 3D garbage. And i sure shit don't give a rats ass about motion controls.

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neoandrew2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

But xbox360 is also black...

RyuCloudStrife2234d ago

obviously imitating the PS3.


Micro_Sony2234d ago

"obviously imitating the PS3. "

So that means that the PS2 was imitating the Sega Genesis :)

Dacapn2233d ago

And the genesis was imitating black people!

da_2pacalypse2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

so just to clarify, is there still disc switching? or is the second disc mainly to make the game look better? or both? lol

Blogz4Fanboyz2234d ago

high res texture instal confirmed for both ps3/360. panic over kids.

panic over

joab7772233d ago

Would it have been so hard to put this as a disclaimer on the beta. It is most likely similar to carmacks hi Res install for rage. Its 8 gbs on ps3 but, my gosh, its gorgeous. I wonder if they got the idea from this. Regardless, if hi Res textures can b installed and streamlined, these consoles may have some life in them yet because rages textures are phenomonal. And every game should do this. I don't know alot and maybe its been done before but i know id got permission for install size and if this becomes a trend, maybe rage will b remembered for more than simply an amazing game.

Set me straight if I'm wrong but 5 days after it releases,dice announces a high Res install. I am very excited now too because the battlefield gameplay is great. Its just that the textures were horrible and i was afraid too much memory had been used for lighting, animations etc. Bfbc2 looked better overall to me than the beta on console.

Blogz4Fanboyz2233d ago

they should have wrote a disclaimer on the start screen. but, i feel that it would have taken far too long to load with everything they needed to write lol

bad company2 did look a lot better, that what was convinced me that we were playing an old build, and not to worry too much.

anyway, cant wait for this game

kikizoo2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

But most of the xbox don't have HD, or just 20 GO ones...sad.

"To be honest PS3 beta looked better than Xbox 360 one but I really hope that both games look equally good when the game releases"

you can hope to have the best possible versions for both, but not hoping the ps3 dumbed down to catch xbox quality, it's stupid (it's like "i really hope gow 3 to be on par with dante inferno"

Mrmagnumman3572233d ago

a beast that my laptop could crush. Haha, 360 is good, but i just had to say it.

Gamer-Z2233d ago

Its been confirmed that the PS3 version will have the texture pack as well so everyone just chill!!

No FanS Land2233d ago

LOL your agrees and disagrees are even.

mjsmufc992233d ago

Beast with games with multiple discs

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Blacktric2234d ago

To be honest PS3 beta looked better than Xbox 360 one but I really hope that both games look equally good when the game releases. I can't wait to see proper comparisons.

REDHULKSMASH2234d ago ShowReplies(2)
Motorola2234d ago

I don't get what all the trolling is about. The PS3 version has the same thing, EA said so themselves when IGN asked them...

Mrmagnumman3572233d ago

he is just a 360 fanboy fishing for hits

xAlmostPro2233d ago

There is no trolling, the article is just infoming(because many people were unsure if 360 would recieve this)people that it will have the texture pack..

Legion2234d ago

"We went hands-on with both versions of the game yesterday, and in terms of visuals, the Xbox 360 version certainly took the edge over the PS3 version." - looks like the author of the article thought different after playing both versions of the game.

Oh well... potatoes... potatoes. Hhmmmmm... it doesn't sound any different when read? :P

tordavis2234d ago

That's dishonest. They both looked the same.

Blacktric2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

There are comparison videos on YouTube and if you weren't so lazy, you'd have already checked them instead of throwing random accusations around.

There you go. Happy now? It's night and day. PS3 has better lightning and has bloom, better textures, etc. I'm not saying this is how the retail version will look but if we're comparing both versions of the beta, then PS3 version looks better.

BLuKhaos2234d ago

Why even bother watching compressed youtube videos when you can easily download both versions and play them yourself? I have played both and while both versions look the same, the 360 version IS more stable and has less jaggies and pop in.

tordavis2233d ago


I have it on PS3 and 360. They both look the same. I can't believe you are using a video to win this argument. Have you played it on both consoles yet?

OdinFallen2233d ago

Fail sauce all over your statement. Thanks for playing though.

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Mr_Lu_Kim2234d ago ShowReplies(3)
LightofDarkness2234d ago

PS3 HDD install should enable the same. Kudos to Dice for addressing one of the major concerns left over from the beta.