Bulletstorm devs "didn't realise how dirty" the script was

Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly reveal that they “didn’t realise how dirty” their game’s script was – saying that as they are Polish, all the English swearing just sounded “exotic and fun”.

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StifflerK2545d ago

... I bet they did.......

Still , I thought the script was great - here's a quote montage,

WARNING - contains spoilers.

Fishy Fingers2545d ago

Pretty weak excuse really. I imagine at the time it seemed like a good idea, it isn't that bad, it just all got/gets a little childish after a while.

FEARprototype2545d ago

lol the script was awesome, single player was good, online sucked donkey doodo.

Tachyon_Nova2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

That explains everything, they're obviously pretty stupid...

NarooN2545d ago

Sure they didn't. Suureee they didn't.

Because saying stuff like "fungal rimjob" wasn't dirty at all XD.

Still, really fun game. We need more creative shooters like that.