Halo is Microsoft's "crown jewel", not Gears of War - Anniversary developer

OXM UK: "Saber Interactive CEO Mathew Karch has identified Halo, not Gears of War, as Microsoft's première francise, despite record-making sales of Gears of War 3 and Master Chief's long absence from shelves."

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aviator1892208d ago

Hmm, I wonder how important Saber Interactive will become in future Halo-related titles.

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DasTier2208d ago

This title reminds me of the time when there was no xbox 360 vs ps3 as the ps3 had no games, but when the main argument was Halo vs gears.

qwertyz2208d ago

ps3 always had many games even when it first launched unless you don't consider multiplats as games that is

Blogz4Fanboyz2208d ago

ofcourse multi-plats are games, and i and millions of others probably play more of them than exclusives, they dont seem to be considered when certain members of blogs4fanboys talk about games on the 360

gamingdroid2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Exclusives are great and they tend to have a very minor, but discernible graphical quality.

Immersion and visual appeal usually gets a much bigger impact from art style.

Furthermore, most people play games because of game play and hence the most played games are surprise, games that have excellent game play like CoD whom is multi-platform.

No other game on consoles sells more and is played more.

DasTier2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

@dirigiblebill Haha it's changed a bit now though hasn't it?

dirigiblebill2208d ago

Yeah - I miss the good old days when people used to compare games, not platforms...

PixL2208d ago

I miss the good old days when people played games, not compared them.

dirigiblebill2208d ago

Well *I* miss the good old days when... when... YOU SHUT UP NOW.


gillri2208d ago

I agree, while I love Gears, I find the universe of Halo more attractive than gears, also with vehicles in Halo there is more potential for maybe a battlefield style Halo 4 MP?

also maybe its just me but Multiplayer in general just works better form a first person prespective

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