D+PAD Magazine - Aliens: Infestation - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

The sci-fi classics Alien and Aliens are films from a different era. Released in1979 and 1986 respectively, neither film could rely on the CGI that currently drenches multiplex cinema screens the world over; at that time, if you wanted to create a spaceship, you built a set. If you wanted to engineer a futuristic vehicle, you hired a mechanic or model maker, not a geek with a PHD in Maya. And if you wanted a monster in your film? Well, you had no option but to put a man in a suit, dub in some suitably scary sound-effects and hope no one noticed the zipper running down the back. It seems fitting then that 2D-maestro’s du jour, Wayforward Technologies, have been brought in to create Aliens: Infestation; a game for the Nintendo DS that harks back to that same era, a time when 2D sprites were king and mention of polygons would most probably result in confused contemplation as to what, exactly, dead parrots had to do with anything.

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