[StrategyInformer Review] Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD

Top Game Moment: The return of the mysterious and delightfully sinister Albert Wesker, now with red glowy eyes.

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Pozzle2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

"If you absolutely have to get a downloadable Resident Evil fix, get Resident Evil 4 HD instead. It holds up markedly better in every conceivable way and looks pretty good in high definition."

I don't agree with him there, tbh. It's true that RE4 did a lot of things better than previous RE games, but there are plenty of things that previous games did better than RE4.

I'd argue that Code Veronica had a better plot (it actually involved Umbrella, STARS and even the silly Ashford stuff was pretty fun) and better scares (being cornered in the plane by that damn Tyrant still freaks me out). The lack of ammo and the fact that it was a "true" survival-horror game are also pluses, imo. And I liked that it revolved around Chris and Claire working together to take down Umbrella's Antarctic base.

And I also think despite the dated graphics, Code Veronica is an overall better HD update. The dynamic lighting looks great and the graphics (particularly character models) aren't quite as jagged and fuzzy as RE4 HD. It looks like Capcom spent more time with updating Code Veronica HD than they did with RE4 HD.