Caspian Border Confirmed this weekend

EA/DICE have confirmed that the 64 player conquest version of Battlefield 3's Caspian Border will be open to the public. Very exciting news!

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Laxman2162239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

On consoles as a new download or something, or does the 360 and PS3 miss it?

I know it says 64 player, thought it might just scale it down or something.

EDIT: Oops, just read PC only in the article. Might wanna change tags :P

Septic2239d ago

Yeah its PC ONLY.

Oh my days, I can't wait to play this again. Caspian Border on PC is just epic. Lets just hope I can actually get into a server without having to wait 7 leap years this time!

Laxman2162239d ago

I envy you. I wish I could play this game on my PC. My processing power is more than enough, I just have a terrible graphics card (according to http://www.systemrequiremen...

evrfighter2239d ago

And all the wrongs have been made right. The battlefield is at peace.

That is until the bombs start dropping and tracers light up the sky.

LightofDarkness2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )


I got one game on this map before they shut it down, and I've been craving it ever since. This is a real Battlefield map.

AzaziL2239d ago

Dammit, there goes my weekend....

Fishy Fingers2239d ago

Bah... Wish I'd known this before buying rage to play this wkend. Oh well that'll have to wait a while till I'm through with the beta again.

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The story is too old to be commented.