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Are you ready to die? Dark Souls puts us to the test for a change in the GT Review!

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TrevorPhillips2540d ago

IGN - 9.0
Gamespot 9.5
Gametrailers 9.2

Definitely buying this game! :D

wumster2540d ago

-looks at his icon and name-

If this game is good enough to get you to play it, then this must be game of the year worthy.

MagicAccent2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

No kidding.
I haven't cried out loud, cursed everyone and everything, almost flung the controller in frustration..
While at the same time whooping like an idiot when finally making a smidgeon of progress and High-Fiving my dog, with such frequent consistency, since... Well, ever.

Dark Soul's brings out both the worst and best in me. And I love it. It's humbling.

Cenobia2540d ago

This game is terrifying. Not that it is even that scary (at least not yet), but every new enemy I encounter I am scared of. I don't know how easily they can kill me or if I have wandered into an area that is well beyond my skill level. I'm scared to even go through the white mist a lot of the time because a boss might be there. I'm scared of areas that seem empty of enemies because that could mean there is something much worse ahead...

I don't think I've ever run for my life so often in a game, and with such dire consequences if I actually die (luckily I have been able to get to my blood stain every time so far). In Demon Soul's I at least had the safety of the nexus. In Dark Souls I rarely feel safe, and it is awesome.

I'm also playing offline at the moment so I am completely alone in the game. It is still really fun, but I expect to hit a wall at some point where I'll probably need to get a co-op buddy.

MagicAccent2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Also, does anyone know how if a kindled fire is permanently kindled?

oNIXo2540d ago

I have spent about 10 hours playing, this game has my vote for game of the year. It sucks you in and before you know it, its time to go to bed.

Drekken2540d ago

I wanted to stay up all night and keep playing like I was a teenager last night. I can't get enough of this game. Its brutal, but doable.

I killed the gargoyle and I'm just helping others out grinding levels before I move on.

Crystallis2540d ago

Same here Drek.I cant get enough and I cant put the game down.

Drekken2540d ago

Are you on my friends list anymore?

oNIXo2540d ago

I know man, last night it was like 1:30 in the morning and my wife was like "You do know what time it is, right?" I said "Let me get to the bonfire real quick." 45 min later she made me go to bed. lol