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"F1 2011 offered the technical racing game of 2011 however FORZA Motorsport 4 delivers the biggest and best racing experience we have seen to date. A classic."

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Septic2504d ago

I'm off to buy this today I guess.

PraxxtorCruel2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Going to pre-order this (Limited Edition) from Game. Can't wait to fire this up on the 360. Got live subscription till 08/2013 just for this game haha.

Indigon2504d ago

Reviewer states that it is a massive game but forgets to mention you only get 5 new tracks.

KingPin2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

so eventually when GT and Forza have ALL the tracks in the world in one game....would u want them to start making up tracks and adding them so they can say "we added X amount of new tracks to the game"

Boody-Bandit2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

All the tracks in Forza are not real. Some are fantasy tracks. So yes, of course I, as a huge Forza fan, want them to have every track in the world and then MAKE UP a ton of new fantasy tracks. Fantasy tracks are some of the most fun tracks in the game. Besides, the more tracks the better!

Only 5 new areas is slightly disappointing. Especially if you consider they didn't add weather effects or new modes like Rally racing, etc.

Turn 10 instead opted to put a lot of their efforts into Vista mode (Kinect) when they would have better served their fanbase with more diversity like weather, day / night time, new modes like Rally (dirt, snow, sand, etc), and worked on better resolution for wheel users.

Still first day must buy for me (3 actually for eyefinity display) but I am an addict. I say the more the merrier. But they can always add all the above to Forza 5, 6, 7 and so on. Can't wait to see Forza (next) on new hardware but until then, Forza 4 will suffice.

3 more days! Picking mine up at midnight. LOL, only game I go for midnight launch on the 360. Again, I'm a Forza addict.

mcstorm2504d ago

I think this is going to be my game of the year every review I have seen has been in the 90+ mark. I think this will be the game that pulls me away from GT5.

KingPin2504d ago

i think after reading a lot of the reviews, ive come to a conclusion. <i know im probably gonna get butchered here but oh well, il risk it.>

i think what GT5 does great, forza does just as well but not as good. <before i get disagrees, here me out>

i think the simulation is better in GT5 <my opinion> and it has more statistics relating to your driving performance and car modifications.


at the same time i think forza does well what GT5 has as an after thought - the whole customizing of each car to personalize the car as well as most of community based features. <which i think is an awesome inclusion>

so while fanboys/trolls will be saying "i got the better game" i say it doesnt matter which game you got. you both have different experiences which are BOTH fun and enjoyable.

To each his own.

Objective2504d ago

Almost every reviewer has considered the simulation aspect of the game and has praised F4 for it, saying it is near, equal or better than GT, so you are really finding a reason to hold on to your stubborn loyalty to a brand name that has by all counts dropped the ball this gen.

KingPin2504d ago

im not holding on to any loyalty here. im just stating from what ive read and from my experience of GT. when i play F4 <which i will coz my friend owns a X360> i will be sure to get back to you.

told you, this is MY conclusion.

but i guess no one is allowed to come into a f4 review and say anything good about GT without being labelled a loyalist/fanboy. just like i assume the same for anyone going into a GT article praising F4 from HIS OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

its a sad sad day when gamers cant have a decent convo without name calling.

Objective2503d ago

You are allowed to come to your conclusions, we just disagree with good reasons. And I didn't call you names, a strong choice of words perhaps, but I can't otherwise aptly describe the mindset behind a lot of diehard GT/ Sony fans. No offense meant.

iamgoatman2503d ago

I'm wondering which reviews you've been reading, as the ones that make any comparison to GT5, and most don't, say the physics simulation is like Objective says, at least equal to GT5 and most cases surpassing it. Peoples impressions of the demo on various forums like gtplanet has also been very positive.

You also can't simply make the claim that GT5 is more statistically driven in terms of simulation, for starters both game engines are incredibly complex and outside of the developers, we'll never know how exactly their physics work. Also Reviews almost never go into the specifics of the simulation, and until the game actually releases to the public such claims are merely speculation.

Although I completely agree on your last point that it doesn't matter which game you prefer, they're both excellent racers, but your initial comments don't fit this and you seem to be making excuses in order to downplay the one game over the other, which is likely why you're getting disagrees.

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