IGN: High Velocity Bowling Review

Sony takes a stab at motion-controlled bowling with surprisingly decent results, says IGN.

"Oh, hey, look a bowling game on the PS3 that uses the controller as if you were actually hurling a 13 pounder down a lane. I can already hear the "Hurrrr, Sony copies Nintendo again!" comments. About the only thing High Velocity Bowling and the little bowling part of Wii Sports have in common is the fact that they both involve knocking pins over with a ball and that they both use an underhand pitching motion to do it."

Overall score: 7.5/10

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whateva4018d ago

Tekken Bowling was the most fun I've had playing a bowling game and that was just a side game on Tekken tag.

kalistyles4018d ago

Tekken had bowling. Anyway this looks pretty cool. I'll probably purchase it for a download. I'm sure it'll be 10 bucks. Why the hell not?

Darkiewonder4018d ago

I don't know if any other in the series had that.

crazy250004018d ago

this is a buy for me....would be fun to play with friends

gamesblow4018d ago

It is bette rthan wii sports, it's just nobody can dare say it... What a joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.