People are switching to MW3 after BF3 beta disappointment? writes: "Things does not look good for EA and DICE after a lot people has criticized the Battlefield 3 beta and even saying it as a bad move to release it, in terms of the marketing purpose."

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M-Easy2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

COD defense force back at it again. Anyway how are people switching from COD which is already the top selling/most played game. God these games aren't even out yet, at least let the full games come out before you jump to idiotic conclusions.

solid warlord2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

after playing the beta on both consoles i own(ps360) i have come to conclusion that this game is quite boring. Its feels like BC2.1. Forgotten how boring BF is. Plus the graphics are shit. Even the leaked blackops closed beta i had last year on JTAG looks better than this. Is it me or has BF3 gone more noob freindly. Ive have seen people use rockets alot in the tube, its fuckng annoying.

Nope, mw2.1(mw3)is still much more fun, but thats my view as im not a fan of territory & objective based game which BF mainly is. I prefer the classic shooter style of run & gun, its plain fun as GAMES should be, but i did enjoy the first BF while it lasted. BF2 was ok the first few weeks but u get that same feeling of tiredness of playing as apoosed to COD annoying but addictive multiplayer. Looks like MW3 will slaughter BF3 franchise again. Poor EA. All those billboard and advert they are spending on here in the UK, all a waste.

I'll defo buy Uncharted 3 now on day1 as i though BF would be the game that finaly delivers but after playing it, feels the same as BC2. Looks like another COD for me again this year on FPS genre.

Jdub895O2481d ago

Well if you mean Cod people going back to cod yes, but if you mean battlefield people going to cod no. All the people i know that play cod all day and everyday will not switch if their life depended on it. After reading the new gameinformer mw3 preview i was not impressed with the way its heading.Even the person previewing wasnt impressed. Why would you want to play a game that is a stepdown? I did my research on this game. Im still sticking to BF3. Cod4 was the best Call of Duty. Im not saying bf3 is better than mw3 blah blah blah ,im just saying dont expect change for mw3. If you like buying the same game every year like madden than go ahead.

By the way is the new Operation Flashpoint good? I need an honest opinion. I really want a good tactical singleplayer game. And no not socom. That game blows!!!!

mrsatan2480d ago

Yeah, I wish we had some good ole Ghost Recon or Swat 4 right about now.

Jdub895O2480d ago

hell friggin yeah. Thats what im talkin about. I think i still have swat 4.I had to install rogue spear the other day. They really dont make games like that anymore. Most games are dumbed down for the casual crowd. Sad isnt it?

DasTier2480d ago

What is with this link between Madden and COD, I love the Battlefield franchise, I love the Madden franchise, but i don't like COD, so why is there this assumption that people who love one must love the other?

mrsatan2480d ago

Yeah, tactical games are no where near the level they once were. I remember playing the original Ghost Recon and being amazed at the difficulty level.

Angrymorgan2481d ago

Not me, already got mw2 so pretty much already played mw3 = /

gamernova2481d ago

*yawn* I pre-ordered both. Not a life decision for me.

ginsunuva2480d ago

Only fools preorder games.

Wise people wait to see if they turn out good, because even the best of the best sometimes flop.

Ocean2481d ago

Making that decision based on a BETA? of which one of its purposes was to to test servers etc before the games release....have fun with MW3 then and we'll enjoy BF3 upon release

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