The Top Ten Most Messed Up Mass Effect 2 Mods

Prep the Derp Drive, Joker, and set a course for epic lulz. Things are about to get dumb. Days of YouTube lurking led me to this fantastic collection of unintelligible, side-splitting nonsense. I’m starting to believe that the creators of these videos were on some seriously hard drugs and I am concerned for their well-being. Because they need to keep making these.

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Sigmarue2417d ago

I'm Commander Shepard and these are my favorite mod vids on the Citadel.

Ducky2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

The famous Commander Shepard of the star ship allergic reaction?

I wonder if we'll ever have actual movies that are made in this glitchy fashion. They sure are entertaining... and have an odd way of making one laugh.

Ninferno2417d ago

falcon punch collab is the best by far

Kreyg2417d ago

Have to agree with you on that one, it was pretty epic.

segmentnext2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Good Times are not over..... and I liked Doctor's recommendation =p

Drjft2417d ago

Mass Effect: Conversation Simulator.

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