Chucky Video Game Announced

Tribune writes: "TikGames has announced they will be developing a Chucky game. Chucky is the psychopathic doll that has the soul of a serial killer. The movies are known for being violent but hilarious. TikGames are the first company to gain video game rights for the game. Chucky will be a stealth game and players will decide how many of their enemies will survive. Alex Tikman Co Founder and Vice President of Publishing for TikGames said, “We’re proud to be able to bring a fan-favorite movie character, such as Chucky, to gaming platforms. Fans have been asking for a Chucky game for years and, soon, gamers around the world will be able to enjoy highly-entertaining, interactive, downright gory experiences with this brand.”

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Ziriux2481d ago

Better late than never right? It's going to be interesting but I don't see it being a triple A title or even doing well at all.

Army_of_Darkness2481d ago

Yes! I've been waiting for this all my life! Is gonna totally own deadly premonition!!

Etseix2481d ago

forget interesting or not, Chuck is about killing teenagers, is this going to be the first game ever to feature you killing childs? lol

hiredhelp2481d ago

How would this game work.
Its a horror movie thoe great movie and bride chucky na be another bad movie game.

Bigpappy2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

If the humor is done right, and you have to track down and kill chucky. This could be a nice thriller.

NoobSessions2481d ago

Oh chucky, how you haunted my as a child.

zeal0us2481d ago

Agree and think I will past.


i dont want to kill chucky i want to play as chucky >:D

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Cinotix2481d ago

Right do they think it's still a popular franchise after all these years.

ElementX2481d ago

There's a remake coming.

Singu1arity2481d ago

Pass. Franchise resurrection usually fares poorly, especially when done by a different team. I might be surprised, but I doubt it. One way to set up for failure that is worse than a videogame based on a movie(s) is to make a videogame based on an old movie.

Ziriux2481d ago

Right, makes me wonder if plans for the Bioshock movie have been scrapped.

Cinotix2481d ago

Heh, follow Wentworth Miller on twitter and ask if he's still going to be doing the voice work and preparation for the movie and you'll find out.

Singu1arity2481d ago

If it has, it'll get picked up later.

Jio2481d ago

I have the formula for a successful Chucky video game:

1: take Arkham City and replace Batman with Chucky

2: take the enemies and make them teenagers

3: ???

4: profit

Spinal2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Why aint u developing the game?! xD totally agree dude.

But how bout we use arkham asylum and make it a school instead.

masteroftheclaw2481d ago

Wow, I wonder what kind of game it'll be. I seriously love the Chucky movie series but never even thought about it being a game. From the text it seems like the player will be Chucky? If it works well that'll be an interesting reversal of the original films.

Ziriux2481d ago

I can't think of a game, but it had teddy bears in it that would let you kill other teddy bears, like that but probably instead of bears chucky killing humans.

HarryKawk2481d ago

Naughty Bear! I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.