GameArena Reviews id Software's Rage

GameArena has reviewed Rage on PC - and they're not impressed. They take the game to task over its lacking direction, story and lacklustre gameplay.

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A7XEric2420d ago

I feel like sites like this only post reviews to get hits. It's a gorgeous game, blends several gameplay styles from various genres, is a lengthy and content filled experience, and has great enemy AI. Even if someone didn't like Rage, it's hard to argue that it's a BAD game among the ranks of other turds like Call of Jaurez: The Cartel, Bomberman Zero, and other flaming piles of garbage to release this gen.

Septic2420d ago

4.5? Come on man- this isn't Duke Nukem bad. Its a decent game.

Surely this is a blatant example of a site gagging for hits.

plmkoh2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

You are obviously not a long time reader of the site then, from just poking around I can see that they are owned by Australia's largest telecommunications company and not something looking for ad revenue.

They have no need for site hits.

starchild2419d ago

Who cares who they are owned by? It's a shitty review.

There is no conceivable way that Rage is anywhere near as bad as this review claims. Even if you absolutely hate shooters (probably shouldn't be reviewing this game in that case anyway) you would have to acknowledge that Rage is a good game.

Personally, I really enjoy Rage on the PC.

admiralvic2419d ago

Does it look good? Yes, but that doesn't make jack shit difference in review score.
This isn't exactly the first to do that and others have done it better.
Have you played the game? I beat it in 9 hours on nightmare with all races complete. I found 2 quests by talking to people in town and 6 on the board. 3 were from the postal fella. All of this + several trophies were completed in 13 hours. I beat the online co op in an hour and a half too. If this wasn't a rental and I didn't miss a missable item... then I could platinum it in another 7 hours. 20 hours is AVERAGE to platinum a game...

There are problems with rage like the story. AI having more abilities than you. No real point to talking to people in the town. Ultimately you're falling into a silly trap. Too many people quantify games in the college scoring system of 7 - 10 = pass and 1 - 6 = various levels of failure. Personally I see 5 as average and this game is slightly below average.

Tottigamer2420d ago

Great enemy AI? Are you joking?

Tachyon_Nova2419d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, those main humanoid enenemies with the melee weapons have no tactics what so ever except run towards player. Just because they dodge bullets and can traverse the environment well does not make the AI good when its primary purpose is to attack.

Tottigamer2419d ago

It's amazing that people don't seem to know what AI is any more. A few canned 'dodging' flip animations and people think the AI is brilliant. All the dodging does is highlight how bad the hit detection in the game is.