Toronto Thumbs Review: Rugby World Cup 2011

From the Review:

"Rugby has always been one of those mystery games to me. Growing up, I had friends who participated in the sport; yet, my knowledge was very limited: it is sort of like football, but with constant passing and much more pain and suffering, right? Really, up until recently, the only thing I knew with any certainty was that the New Zealand national rugby union team has my eternal respect for the Haka that they do at the beginning of every match.

Thus, the chance to play a sports video game (that is surprisingly not done by Electronic Arts) about rugby was an attractive prospect; I could learn about a sport that I knew little about in a way that I absolutely love! HB Studios’ Rugby World Cup 2011, the official game of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, helped me to understand the game a bit better, but if you are a serious fan, be warned: this game is not all it seems to be."

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