GameStop Reveals Exclusive Battlefield 3 PS3 Bundle

Today, Gamestop revealed to us that the Playstation 3 will also receive a bundle of it's own. One that will also feature one of the biggest first person shooters releasing this year. Yes it true, Battlefield 3 will feature a PS3 exclusive bundle available at GameStop stores in North America.

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Godchild10202544d ago

This or the uncharted 3 bundle? Two great bundles and they all sell for one great price. I just wish Sony would design the console a little different for these bundles.

vgcgames2544d ago

Uncharted bundle has a 320gb hard drive for 299.99 that's hard to pass up.

aviator1892544d ago

I definitely prefer the Uncharted bundle.

wsoutlaw872544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

ya the uncharted bundle pretty much gives you uncharted 3 free. The bf3 bundle just saves you 10$.

zeksta2544d ago

Great choice Sony's making here.

dcortz20272544d ago

Great bundle! I would totally get it if I didn't already own a PS3 already.

eterry2544d ago

it only has a 160gb hardrive :( im getting a second ps3 soon and a bundle with battlefield is what i really wanted but now i guess ill just wait for the uncharted 3 one since it is actually a deal that saves you 60 dollars instead of just 10

cpayne932544d ago

Meh I was expecting better than just 10 bucks. I bought the killzone 3 bundle, and that was at no extra charge.