Video Game Playerz Review Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 9/10

Video Game Playerz writes:

"Soak it up, you are about to hear the words of a reviewer who truly enjoyed a video game. It's a hard thing to do these days, since we're all jaded and snobby and the such. Drudging through a game that is either terrible or only enjoyable for it's first two hours before it becomes a bore. Yes, many a game goes by before one gets to lavish in the treasure of a game that is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune."

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gamesblow3750d ago

"one that should be experienced by all"

About sums it up... Other than Uncharted smokes Resident Evil, Gears of War and Silent hills ass and rotates it twice. I wonder where they're going to take it next. That's all I can ponder at this stage. I hope they don't take it to Siberia or the Arctic. Snow would be too bland of a setting now we've experienced the incredible Tropics... Then again, do we want to experience even more?

Well, I do... cause the big misconception about uncharted is the jungle. It's not even a big part of the game. People don't relise that. The game is more locational than anything. It's Pure Survival horror from 15 on to 22. People need to understand how much this game does for not just the platform genre or the action genre but the survival horror one aswell.

wil4hire3750d ago


The ENTIRE time I was playing Uncharted I was thinking:
"How Badass would resident evil be if it was like this."

riqued3750d ago

You bastards!! I couldn't hold my curiosity because of you guys! Now I am going to be scare the entire game waiting for this twist!

I bought RE4 and sold it in the first day because I get scared pretty easily. Will I regret buying Uncharted because of that?

jcgamer3750d ago

that's all I needed to on...

pwnmaster30003750d ago

is really that good because im thinking of buying this but lots of games lately like graw halo 3 and lair got really boring in a couple of minutes

gtgcoolkid3750d ago

its really good. different too. i am gonna play again but on hard this time. just a brilliant game.

dronde3750d ago

When U done with hard, play the other difficulty. Game is Crazy, my wife thought it was a movie for a minute. SHe told me is that a movie or a novel. SHe doesn't even like playing game, she sat next to me and waiting to see what is next, what's going to happen to the girl. She asked me not to play the game when she is not home cuz she wants to know what happen.

cr33ping_death3750d ago

dude my gf took over the game on easy......but she only plays guitar hero :) and GOD OF WAR looks like she has 2 heroes now KRATOS AND DRAKE

dronde3750d ago

I start playing that game and didn't want to stop playing for nothing ( I didn't want to stop and go eat, urinate, sleep until I finish it.) I finished it on hard ( around 13 to 14 hours of play time for me. Still have to look for treasures thou.

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The story is too old to be commented.