Would Low Review Scores Actually Impact MW3 Sales?

Review scores often dictate sales potential in this industry. But when a franchise rules the earth as Call of Duty does, do those scores even matter anymore?

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zeal0us2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

CoD is like Apple products, upgrade it a little and you will still have people buying. Even if tech sites gave the iphone4s a bad review a mass of people will still go out and buy it. If most of the top gaming sites gave MW3 a low score people would still go out and buy the game. CoD is mainstream so it doesn't matter just like Apple have brand name products.

Mr_Lu_Kim2541d ago

Well Steve is dead and the iPhone 4s got very poor reviews and I have seen apparent Apple ultimate fanboys scream blue and get a different phone.

CODs days could be numbered if they keep this up. Just like Apples.

Godchild10202541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

COD is the one game that most people won't worry about reviews. It's the only reason why it would sell millions in one night.

P_Bomb2541d ago

Like most Hollywood blockbusters that get killed on Rotten Tomatoes (ie. Transformers) no, it won't matter. It'll still outsell everything this year most likely.

2539d ago