Marvel vs. DC: Could It Happen? [TG]

Jason of Trendy Gamers shows us how great a Marvel vs. DC game could be and why it might not be that impossible.

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Dart892419d ago

Would it be too much to ask for all characters to be in it:D??

Oh and for the love of god don't let crapovision make it they will charge $15 per extra dlc character.

princejb1342418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

my money is on marvel

Quagmire2418d ago

Activision owns Marvel gaming license, Warner Bros. of course own DC, although I don't know how SEGA ended up making the crappy games based on the Marvel Films.

It would be a publishing nightmare, you would need to get Activision to sign a contract with WB, which I doubt they will do since they need to breathe money.

zeal0us2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Don't let Activision or Capcom have control of the dlc or the development process.

The publisher would probably be Disney or Warner Bros
Disney own most of Marvel
Warner Bros own most of DC

More than likely Warner Bros would be the publisher. If so then we are save from the dark emperor know Captivision/Activcom. If Activision brought Capcom, I think some of us would go through h*ll.

Magnus2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

If the game came out I would play it i think it would be a great title to play I personally would want Sega or even Namco to make the game Sega produced great fighting games in the past and Namco is great with Tekken.

maniacmayhem2418d ago

Who else but Capcom should handle this?

Capcom's milking ethics are down right evil but they do know how to make a fighting game. They're the only ones that could do justice to the DC characters.

Thor vs. Superman? Sign me up!

FlintGREY2418d ago

DC is too dark for the more colorful and sometimes childish Marvel....

I don't see it happening...EVER

RXL2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Tony Start being a raging alcoholic
Peter Parker's Uncle Ben being murdered
The X-men Dealing with issues like Racism and segregation
The Incredible Hulk killing and eating people at one point
are all childish subject right?

what comic books are you reading?...i can't say one's from the 80's because even those had some adult subjects going on...

unless you're talking about the actual ART and COLORING style?..then times DC did use darker colors and tones in their comics lol

Spider-Man killed the person who killed his uncle ben...Batman (my all time favorite super hero) did NOT kill the person responsible for murdering his parents...

Jonah_Reese2418d ago

No Batman made him kill himself

LarVanian2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

DC more dark? Really? In the DC Universe, the heroes are worshipped like gods and have almost zero flaws. They are essentially perfect, which is something that I don't find interesting.
The Marvel super-heroes, however, all have their own personal demons and are looked upon with disdain by the public. They reflect on the real life problems that many of us go through in the real world, such as Tony Stark with alcoholism or Peter Parker with poverty.
But yeah, you are right, Marvel is very childish, I mean I see racism, murder, prejudice, poverty and alcoholism all the time on Cartoon Network :).

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The story is too old to be commented.