GameSpot: Now Playing - Forza Motorsport 4

GameSpot - Join Marko, Justin and "The Stig" as they keep the rubber side down in this episode of Now Playing - Forza Motorsport 4.

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Number_132544d ago

I hate that every Forza article is marred by fanboy nonsense from both camps.
We get it, Forza 4 is quality, stop throwing it in people's faces.
We get it, you think GT5 is king (lol) stop bringing it up in forza articles

Laxman2162544d ago

You speak so much truth. Yes, there are fanboys on both sides, but im glad some of us are still sensible and leave the other peoples opinions alone. Personally, I didnt like GT5 very much as it didnt feel any different from number 4 for me, but am looking forward to Forza 4 next week, but im not going to insult people who prefer GT over my personal choice, like I have been on the recieving end of more than a few times these last few days.

Tr10wn2544d ago

dat speed, oh god can't wait plus an achievement to own every car from my favorite manufacture?

IRetrouk2543d ago


regardless, the game is going to be amazing, and thats all that really matters.