Blu-ray joins Macrovision: Gets even harder to crack

Macrovision has agreed to acquire assets from Cryptography Research, including the new Blu-ray Disc copyright-protection technology BD+, for $45 million.

Macrovision believes BD+, which acts as an added layer of content protection for Blu-ray titles, will complement its stable of various entertainment security offerings. Macrovision also plans to hire certain employees from Cryptography, which is credited for inventing BD+, to help manage the new technology purchase.

Specifically, Macrovision is set to purchase Self-Protecting Digital Content technology, which later evolved into what is now known as BD+.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.

"As we continue to build our business and work with our partners to develop and implement new distribution models in the digital marketplace, we seek to expand our capabilities to address emerging standards such as Blu-ray," said Fred Amoroso, Macrovision Corp. CEO. "The integration of SPDC into our product portfolio will enable us to continue to provide innovative technology to our customers as they expand their distribution vehicles. Not only is BD+ critical for content security, but it also supports value-added features that enhance the consumer playback experience such as potentially unlocking bonus content."

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ReBurn4019d ago

Macrovision has never been all that secure. Hopefully BD+ will help them clean up their reputation.

Nameless4018d ago

Sony should just accept already that nothing is unhackable.

cuco334018d ago

BD+ was sold off to Macrovision for a very cheap amount. It doesn't 'get harder to crack'.

Besides, why would anyone toot their horn about supporting DRM?! It is ANTI CONSUMER!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm sure the blu boys will chime in saying how great it is :rollseyes: