Sources deny Spielberg Halo movie in 2012

GamePron: Film adaptations of video games are generally as widely pannes as video game adaptations of films. But, despite history speaking for itself, gamers still froth at the mouth when anyone suggests bringing their favourite franchise to the big screen.
Today’s illustration: Halo.

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DasTier2504d ago

=( I've been waiting so long, will it ever come?

CommonSense2504d ago

While i don't expect hollywood to EVER make a good movie based on a video game, i find it to be very strange that they aren't taking a shot at Halo. if any franchise has a chance to be a box office smash, it's halo.

BUT! it can't be a low budget movie or it'll's going to have to be VERY special effects driven.

aviator1892504d ago

It doesn't have to be "very special effects driven." That's only needed when you've got a poor director with a terribly penned script along with bad acting.
You can have an incredible movie with a director who knows what he's doing, who spends the budget wisely, and you've got an excellent story-driven script. And good acting always helps, of course.

Just look at district 9. That movie was freaking made on a $30 million budget but looked like a movie that didn't have a tight budget at all.

CommonSense2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

First all, yeah, district 9 does not look like a big budget movie. it's shot well for the budget, but you can tell it didn't have a massive budget.

second, obviously you aren't terribly familiar with the halo story. so i'll enlighten you a bit. In the Halo story...the events leading up to landing on Halo...there are no less than 2 massive space battles; but even without those, you are still talking about a story driven by combat with aliens...big scale battles. i don't think a buncha actors in costumes is going to cut it for the covenant, which means we're looking at loads of man hours creating these digital aliens.

i would say to make the halo movie that should be made, we're probably talking about an 80 million dollar budget.

third, my what movie have you seen based on a video game that had top notch actors, good directing, and a great script? these 3 things simply aren't going to special effects are what we need for a successful video game movie.

look at transformers. those movies are giant flaming piles of shit but they are extremely successful in the box office because they spend 150 million bucks on giant cgi robots.

DasTier2504d ago

Well they would have to do the entire story arc in one film, they could just focus on new mombassa e.g. the Halo 2 part and follow a squad of marines, who get cut of but "someone" makes a cameo and saves them and stars for the rest of the film, Woo!

aviator1892504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Actually, I'm quite familiar with the Halo story. I don't know how you assumed that I had no familiarity with the events in the Halo universe based on a simple budget discussion, but whatever.

Second, the Halo movie might not even be about the exact events that take place throughout the games. Master chief, while a complete bad-ass when he's mowing down covenant and brutes, has almost no room for character development. I'm not saying it's impossible to have a good movie with the chief as the main character, but it'd just be limiting in that regard. This is where some of the Halo novels might come into play.

Third, I wasn't saying that a ~30 million budget would be enough for a Halo movie. I was simply stating that a huge budget akin to Avatar's budget wouldn't be necessary for a success and that it is completely possible to have an excellent film with a non-~150+ budget. Also, it'd be a little difficult for the Halo movie to get a budget anywhere around where Transformers or Avatar get. When the Halo movie was being produced by Blomkamp and the team, the negotiations fell through due to extremely high budget concerns, which was rumored to exceed the $200 million budget.

"third, my what movie have you seen based on a video game that had top notch actors, good directing, and a great script? these 3 things simply aren't going to special effects are what we need for a successful video game movie. " -- It's true, I haven't yet seen a movie based off of a video-game that has had all three of those factors perfectly nailed, but you can't act as if it'll never happen. Halo is a huge franchise and Microsoft aren't willing to bet on an incompetent director and poor script to run the show. Otherwise, a Halo movie would have already been made. MS and Halo runners are simply looking for the best balance of the three factors I mentioned along with terrific studio support.

Also, I don't think it'd be wise to include the entire story of Halo into one movie. They'd probably want to branch the story off into sequels, assuming the commercial and creative success of the first movie.

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ForNgoods2504d ago

good, I hope Hollywood stays as far away from gaming as possible.

Les-Grossman2504d ago

Spielberg ? No thanks. He would just add kids with parental issues in there somewhere