GamePro: 10 Jaw-Dropping Moments in Mass Effect

There are plenty of moments in Mass Effect that will leave a lasting impression but GamePro have chosen to highlight ten that will leave your jaw hanging wide open!

Come along with GamePro as they showcase ten drool-worthy moments in Bioware's latest space epic!

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wil4hire3656d ago

The loading hallways are amazing as well!

Truly next gen!

toughNAME3656d ago

its still better than any PS3 exclusive

thats a fact..someone throw up a link to gamerankings

razer3656d ago

do I expect nothing less from your comments. You've been working extra hard today on bashing all the positive reviews. Are you playing the game? Do you even own a 360? You would think that if this game ran at 3fps it would be mentioned in one of the glowing reviews this game has received.

You go ahead and crawl back to your safe place now where reality melts away and everything Sony is a success.

Ignorant Fanboy3656d ago

Being a PS3 owner, 3fps is a good thing.

This is the 360, framerates are always better for the 360.

And I dont think they give 9's and 10's to games with the problems you described.


Lord Cheese3656d ago

how did i know the first thing i would read on here would be some moron fanboy? If you dont like it, dont spoil it for other people. Its just plain childish.

wil4hire3656d ago

Mass Effect has been declared flawed.

You guys are all 100% ignoring the FACT. FACT. FACT. That every review of the game has mentioned LOADING HALLWAYS, Non-OPtimized Streaming Textures, Problematic A.I Stuttering frame rates. Am I making that up? Please tell me I am. Its just sad to see that Bioware couldn't get the game working correctly on the 360 before launch. Too Bad.

I love the fact that Gamespot/UGO/PCgamer are the only sites that realistically classify this game for what it is. Just good game with glitches.

projectile3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Most reviews mention these things, and STILL give it great scores.
I think that they wanted the game out by the holidays and cut some corners, sad really.
Without these flaws it may have gotten even higher scores!

skagrerrrr3655d ago

and oh yeah, you are funny

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ASSASSYN 36o3656d ago

Soon the galaxy will be teabag!

Daytona3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Soon the galaxy will be mine.......................... ..........for me to poop on:)!!

mesh13656d ago

23rd its all mine muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MASS EFFEC MUHAAAAAAAAA GOTY

slak3656d ago

poop on lol dammmm I need its game now

Shaka2K63656d ago

Hahahaha epic flop all around and to believe xbois where hying this game goty.

WIIIS13656d ago

Agreed that 10 hours on a RPG is horrible. That'll be worse than that 2 hours you get from action games Unchartered and R&C, but still better than those 25min you squeeze out of Heavenly Sword.

Which upcoming Sony rpg is it again that's 10 hours?

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The story is too old to be commented.