Get Arkham City 1 Day Early at Toys”R”Us Times Square & Festivity

Toys”R”Us Times Square will sell 500 copies of Arkham City on Monday Oct 17, 2011, 1 day before the official Tuesday release. But that’s not it. The first 100 people that pre order the game will get an opportunity to get an autograph from comic artist legend, Jim Lee, Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman) and game director, Sefton Hill.

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Nate-Dog2480d ago

Isn't that, you know, against the law? What's the point of having release dates for games when stores are going to break them? I'm not saying Toys R Us is the only store or website to do this but barely anyone even enforces the point of release dates anymore, might aswell just let stores sell games whenever they arrive to them if people are going to do this.