DICE wants you to report Battlefield 3 beta cheaters

DICE has struck down on Battlefield 3 beta cheaters and is asking players to report any cheaters they find.

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hiredhelp2333d ago

Roger that leave it with me sir.
little bugger's shot me under map again.

ATi_Elite2333d ago

lol....had an entire fight under the was epic. Dam i wish i had Fraps rolling when it happened!

Oh and STOP SNITCHING!!! Let the Admins do it, you just concentrate on that objective son!

I say that cause nothing is worse than a bunch of sucky N0obs complaining someone is hacking when in fact they just suck!!

hiredhelp2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

LOL na dude. im totally kidden im not gonna be that kid in the class room who goes running Teacher lol.
Na mods get paid to do there job's way i see it.
But these guys can be too much at times.

Corax2333d ago

You see trash in your community but don't pick it up because it's someone else job to do that. It's everyone duty to make the place better. That "stop snitching" crap is SO stupid and really is a misguided message. It is NOT meant for every day situations it's strictly for the Streets so stop using that saying as if it fits every day life actions.

sovietsoldier2332d ago

reported a guy for hacking,dont know if ea will do anything about it.