Battlefield 3 Special with new gameplay

Tonight Gametrailers and Spike TV will be showing a new Battlefield 3 episode with singleplayer footage. It starts at 1:05AM EST / 10:05AM PST. This community site has it streamed for those unable to watch it.

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3nnui2477d ago

Can't wait. Really hope we see something new :D

Hufandpuf2477d ago

A couple of 30 sec clips of the aftermath after the earth quake in the fault line trailers. It looked pretty cool.

GhettoBlasStarr2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

If you want to really see something. Look at the PS3 MP footage. So all those who doubted because of the "BETA", can find some other game to wine about.

On Oct.25th your noob asses will fall to M.E.G.A