Nintendo Getting 3rd Party Support with the Wii U

Nintendo gains support from EA in regards to their new system, the Wii U. How will this work for Nintendo?

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Rynx2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Nintendo always had 3rd party support. It starts out good for the first 3 years and then once they see that Nothing sells even remotely close to Zelda/Mario/Pokemon then that support just fizzles out. Happened with the Gamecube and the N64, the Wii being the biggest example.

egidem2236d ago

Agreed. 3rd party support is there. A reason could be the fact that their console such as the Wii is targeted towards a certain demographic of gamers.

This would explain why titles such as Dead Space Extraction didn't do well in the sales department, despite being a good game: it was being just targeted to the wrong people.

Let's just hope that they can address the issue of 3rd party support with the Wii U.

hard joe2236d ago

as long as they are not shovelware like many 3rd party games on wii

Axonometri2236d ago

I hope this stirs more interest from all publishers and Dev teams. Successful platforms spawns competitive industry. Competitive industry spawns growth and innovation. Growth and innovation leads to Kick *ss games.

Khordchange2236d ago

well thats good news, all they need to do now is make they thing have multible controllers and I'm sold(Im probably sold regardless though lol)

kamakaz3md2236d ago

i think wii U is kinda a failure... it was announced, we all seen it, and since then U never hear anything about it... deff. goes to show if there releasing this next month the ps3 and 360 will be around for a few more years at least... as for the wii U, its not gonna get to much attention I think. Im sure at first it will, but not everyone will buy it like they did with the Wii.

maniacmayhem2236d ago

They're releasing WiiU next month?

Wow, i never knew that.

SKUD2236d ago

Wii, Wii U, Wii DERP.

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