Chicken Snitches in Skyrim Bug Fixed . . . Unfortunately

Rivaling the hilarity of Bungie’s “pimp brute” glitch, the folks at Bethesda recently had to fix a glitch in Skyrim that was causing chickens to report crimes to the town guards.

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HSx92545d ago

I can already imagine a chicken going towards an imperial guard, and the imperial guard stares at the chicken and listens to it, and then starts chasing you, ROFL.

JTX2545d ago

Sorry, meant to hit agree. Gave bubble vote instead

Jio2545d ago

Always leave a chicken alive to tell his friends...Every chicken in Skyrim will fear you!

JTX2545d ago

Should of kept that bug in.

Sobari2545d ago

Bethesda: Killing off the fun glitches, leaving in the bad.

warrior99882545d ago

looool chicken snitches it would be funny but shame they removed but it may have break the game if they still had it

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The story is too old to be commented.