Gears Of War 3 - Game Aspect

I think its going to be hard saying goodbye to the series that got me back into video games, but im also glad that Epic had the sense to end it on a high note rather than killing the series.

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PHANTOIM2541d ago

What the hell is a "simper rifle",I couldn't find it anywhere in Gridlock.

banner2541d ago

Sadly my good bye has nothing to do with epic or gears... Just tired of having to pay to play online. I really wish ms would let you play for free.

I was Lucky enough to get the game day after release cause money has been tight to then have my subscription be over. Then to find it that it's another 60 for the year or 10 for the month.. I got the month and as much as I want to continue playing this game online I can't see my self continuing to pay after doing so for the past 6 yrs. I'm afraid to even do the math on how much I have spent to play online.

It will be psn from here on out for me.

And I hate that damn sawed off shot gun, the gnasher should be the only shotgun.